Why We Exist

QuitDate.com is a community forum that exists for three reasons:

1: Start Your Quit Date:

To help you get to your quit date. It could be anything that you do now (smoking, drinking, sex) that you don’t want to do and you want to quit. Anything that keeps you from the happiest person you see yourself being and typically disconnects you from healthy relationships.

2: Show Us Your Quit Date:

If you’ve quit a bad habit or something that has kept you back from being the best person you want to be you’ve probably learned tools to help you get here. That’s why we want you to “Show Us Your Quit Date.” We’d like to encourage you to share your story with QuitDate.com community.

3: Share Your Stories:

To share stories from around the web that will help encourage the QuitDate.com community to continue their pursuit of happiness.